Spanish Protests 15-M

Spanish Protests in Barcelona

My photographic point of view

Thousends of people are concentrated after 15 May on the main squares of the Spanish cities, protesting against politics, gouvernement, unemployement, the economic situation…. My point of view is not journalistic, I’ve shot some casual images to describe the situation, and some images to give a point of humour sense to this dramatic protest.

Lovers…., are lovers…..

The Kitchen organisation


Everybody has the right to have some food

Some links from the organization:

All the pictures are © Copyrighted by Lluis Ripoll and All Rights Reserved


2 thoughts on “Spanish Protests 15-M

  1. Your usual great eye looking at the images of a true ‘peoples protest’ has produced some great images. I especially like the chimpanzee keeping an eye on events to make sure they are going OK. He is a good analogy for the powers of government.



  2. Un molt bon reportatge, Lluis!

    Has recollit la diversitat de la gent de la Plaça i alguns dels principals missatges en unes excel.lents fotos.

    Gràcies, Joan


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