Catalonia New European State

Catalonia New European State

Barcelona  11S  2012

The 11th. September 2012, National Day of Catalonia, 1,500,000 people did a big demonstration for the Catalonia independence and the Rights to decide in democratie. Here are some shots for the history.

© Lluis Ripoll, All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “Catalonia New European State

  1. I have just come back from Catalunya and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many independence flags, probably more this visit than all the other times I’ve visited. All of my Catalan friends mentioned Independence at some point and I overheard many other conversations.

    This year was also the first time I ever heard “Franco” mentioned “The Spanish government is like Franco”. In all these years I never heard a Spanish or Catalan person mention that name until now!

    Here in the UK Scotland will soon prepare for their first referendum and although I prefer to be British to English if the Scottish want Independance they should have it. Spain seems to treat you so badly… they really are shooting themselves in the foot!


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