Barcelona again a walk

Here is a new variety of different Barcelona areas.

These ones are from the area of Gracia, that it was in early 20th Century was joined to the city of Barcelona, however the area has conserved his own traditions:

This is an old tradition in Catalonia and also in some other points in Spain, they are called “Giants”, historically can have a relationship with the feudalism in the medieval age:

These ones belong to the area of Santa Caterina and Sant Pere Puel.les

These ones are from the area of Sarrià, also an ancient village separated of Barcelona and today joined to the big city:

© Lluis Ripoll 2012, All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “Barcelona again a walk

  1. Espectacular la de la plaça del Sol. Casi HDRs BN els carrers de S. Caterina. Brillants! La dels jubilats, puro Ripoll!!


    Des de l’iPad.

    El 26/11/2012, a les 22:25, Lluis Ripoll Photography’s Blog va escriure: > >


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