Sant Jordi 2016 Barcelona

Sant Jordi (St. George) is a very popular traditional Festivity in Catalonia, he is the Patron of our Nation, Catalonia. We celebrate the day Cervantes was dead, this year it was 400 years. On this day all of the Catalonian Bookshops offers their books in the street and others offer red roses. The Catalan tradition of this day is the Lovers Day, more than the St. Valentine in other Countries. Here the tradition is that the lovers offers each other, he offer to she a Rose and she to he a Book. This is a really nice popular festivity of love and culture.

These few pics offers a general view without any artistic purpose, I was in La Rambla de Catalunya, but it was so crowded that after a few minutes I decided come back to home…








© Lluis Ripoll, 2016 – All Rights Reserved


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